Montpellier, the administrative capital of the Hérault region, is only an hour from Marseillan Plage, between Béziers and Nîmes. It is a delightful town whose exceptional setting is enhanced by an urban centre with remarkable architecture.

The Place de la Comédie cannot be missed. Situated in the very heart of the town, this large square seemingly never sleeps, with numerous bars and restaurants, stretching between the Polygone, a large shopping mall, the Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle, and the maze of small streets in the historical Ecusson quarter.

The square is an ideal starting point for visiting the town centre, beginning with a stroll along the lovely Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle, a broad linear park flanked with plane trees. On your way you will find the Fabre Museum, renovated in 2007, one of the town's leading monuments and an important exhibition venue. At the end of the Esplanade the Corum, a large building housing the conference centre and Berlioz Opera House, overlooks 11th November Square, just below it, and gives a magnificent view of the town.

For visitors who wish to enjoy the genuine Montpellier atmosphere, a tour through the Ecusson quarter is called for. After leaving the Rue de la Loge, take a stroll along the narrow streets that criss-cross this charming, lively shopping district, full of good restaurants and bars, shaded terraces and shops. If you go on towards the Rue Foch you will notice the entrance to the Place Royale de Peyrou, a vast tree-lined esplanade that dominates the Arceaux district, with a very fine view.

Other quarters deserve a visit too, such as the Beaux-Arts district, on the other side of the Quai du Verdanson, or Antigone, an impressive esplanade inspired by classical Greek architecture which stretches to the banks of the Lez.